Approaching the End

Waking up, I check the time on my phone.  I would be late to work if I woke up this late, even though the sun has barely been up.  A sense of relief washes over too as I realize that tomorrow is a day off from work.  In 23 days, at 12:30pm, I will be free until late August from work demands.  In that time there are 15 work days remaining (1 of which is a workday and two are half-days counting the last day).  It’s the end of the year, crunch time and I’m certainly counting down the time until what has been my most challenging year of teaching.

I didn’t anticipate the volume of paperwork required for the end of the year.  Progress reports (I’m a SPED teacher) and grades were things I knew and anticipated in advance.  However, I didn’t anticipate student yearly summaries, awards, checkout logs and my own paperwork to turn in before checking out.  The good thing is many things are due 2 weeks before the end of the year, with the last things due four days before.  I’ve turned in some early, but there’ll be many late nights for the other things!


Lesson plans have been thinning out since I’ve covered most of what needed to be done in advance.  Since grades stop a week and a half before the end of the year, I plan on reviewing concepts and introducing activities and subjects students are interested in.  Once I turn in my paperwork, things should be smooth sailing, at last!

With the end near, I’m also getting into heavy planing territory with my summer plans.  I haven’t had a ‘free’ summer, without work on classes since…ever?  High school?  Do teen years even count? I have plenty of things mapped out during my months of wandering (and paid, woo!)  Planning said travels does make for a good reinforcer for completing end of the year work!


December Emerges


If I were to file the last 5 months (August through December), it would fall in the category of ‘being overwhelmed’.  I tend to label times of my life with good, neutral and bad traits and reflect on them in passing.  It helps me to see the overall view of things, and to prepare or prevent.  In the case of the last five months, neither preparation or prevention could have taken place.  I had to take a class and I’m a first year teacher in an academically driven school.

To combat the high rates of anxiety and stress, even failure that I felt, I strived to live one day at a time.  Thanks to a combination of that, making sure I spent 2-3 nights/days a week with a close friend or friends, and limiting travel, I kept sane.  Going forward into next year, I’ll keep the good rhythm I have going at work (scaling down to 50-55 hours a week!) and NOT take a class in the coming semester.  I think classes will have to be kept on hold until summer months in the future.

It’s too much for me to manage my personal life,  a class and teaching without turning into a mess at points (crying, locking myself away, feeling really anxious).  In terms of where I file the last 5 months, it falls somewhere below my senior year of college (both semesters), my freshman year in college and before my middle school years.


With that out of the way, it’s December!  When I was a kid, December seemed to drag and I remember having dreams about Christmas being skipped.  December is shaping up to be a pretty busy month as I make plans with friends, family, attend Christmas celebrations and  get everything done I need to before the end of the year.



Ten years ago, the trailers for Final Fantasy (then FFXIII: Versus) began coming out.  I was in high school then.  This past week, Final Fantasy XV was finally released and so far, it was well worth the wait. I’ve clocked in ten hours so far and hope to put in some more later today.

I’ve played every Final Fantasy 1-X-2 at least once, with little play be given to XIII.  I still have yet to play XII and either the of the online games.  I’ve played a few of the tactics games and recently bought Final Fantasy Worlds as well.  I love the series and while FFXV is different, it’s different in a good way.  With stunning surroundings, beautiful music, great gameplay and pretty amusing dialog, it’s become a game I have to spend at least 20 minutes playing every day.

If you own a PS4 or Xobxone and enjoy RPG’s, give it a shot!


What are you looking forward to in December?