Weekend Explorations

Longtime Virginia residents can attest to the yo-yo-ing weather during seasonal changes.  This spring is a prime example as we’ve had snow twice since spring started.  Yesterday morning there was snow at one point and during last week there was a day where the ground was dusted with snow.  Not uncommon during those days is it for the weather to jump to the 60s or even 70s by afternoon.  Looks like the groundhog this year was wrong about an early spring!

Given the gloomy weather yesterday, my mom and I cancelled our plans to explore downtown Winchester (Virginia).  When browsing things to do this weekend, I found out Megabytes Eatery had a special Saturday opening.  Generally they’re only opened between 7am-3pm on weekdays, so I jumped at the chance to check them out.  I ordered cheese quesadillas with veggies and checked it out while waiting for my food. I’m a vegetarian and found plenty of options or options easy to modify to suit my dietary needs.


As a gamer, I fell in love with the place.  I’m more of a retro gamer and loved seeing the video games set up with some solid SNES & NES games to choose from.  Computer parts as decor were a very nice touch as well as video game themed candies and toys.  The atmosphere was great and the servers were very friendly and welcoming.  The only downside is I really would’ve preferred to go with someone (note all my friends were working or out of town that would be interested).  Next time, as I definitely plan on heading back!

megabytes.jpg(credit Nicholas H. on yelp.com)

The rest of this weekend I spent working on things around the house and relaxing.  It’s amazing how a good bit of time spent at home, catching up on stuff can rejuvenate you!  I did try a new recipe for Onigirazu.  Mine had some modifications (no bacon) and I didn’t cut them in half, but they turned out well (and tasted delicious).  In case you want to try it, I used this recipe.



Hopefully it’s warmer next weekend as I’ll be doing my first 5K of the year in Charlottesville.   I’ve participated in Run for Autism 5K  for the last 3 years.  I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and catching up with friends as well as supporting a wonderful cause/school.


Did you go anywhere new this weekend?  Anyone else have any 5Ks they’re attending this month?