About Wandering Rin

Rin is a Special Education Teacher living in the Northern Virginia area.  When she’s not working or fighting the notorious traffic of NOVA, she can be found wandering from town to town, visiting friends, volunteering or exploring a new city/state/country on her own.  Outside of traveling, Rin can be spotted playing violin, reading, watching movies, writing, playing games (video or board!)  or obsessing over something conventionally geeky.



Rin Randoms

1-I’ve lived in five different cities since graduating college 6 years ago (and yes, I’m looking to move again).

2-I was involved in theater (acting, directing, design, props) from 4th grade until my junior year of college.

3-I’m an INFJ (Myer Briggs)

4-I have been a pescatarian (I eat fish) for almost six years.