Like a Teenage summer, but with Money

Yesterday was Father’s Day and in the early hours of sun rise I drove to my hometown to meet my dad.  He was in the front yard weeding the flower beds my mom had carefully kept until she got sick.  Seeing me drive up, he turned and urged me to park on the hill (lest my grandmother, who has a history of backing into cars, hit it).  We switched to my moms blue truck and we were off on our annual father daughter day (for Father’s Day).


We had a disappointing trip at the flea market (those deals we used to get in the 90s and early 00s!) and had great conversations along the way.  We went to several hardware stores that he wanted to go to and we rounded things off with lunch.  With the pre-summer heat and me riding shotgun with my dad driving my truck, it felt like the many years of my life spent in that situation.

As we made our way home, we got stuck on a backroad and ventured past the house of one of my closest friends (since 3rd grade).  This summer has an oddly similar feel to the summers of my teenage and the summer of my freshman year of college.  This is the first summer, since I was 14, that my summer has not involved working.  From the age of 15-19, I either took classes part-time in the summer or worked part-time.  This still left me with a decent chunk of free-time.  Free-time that was spent with friends playing video games, watching movies, going shopping and there was a lot of it.  There was a lot of it.


Countless afternoons were spent doing just the above from the age of 14-19. I remember watching a lot of anime, going to the movies at least every two weeks and playing a significant amount of games.  I also had 1-2 part-time jobs while attending high school and college, meaning I had money to divulge in entertainment, with bills few in number.

Those were the days, as they say, but of course those days came to an end.  My friends either transferred to another college from our local community college, dropped out or decided to pursue a career rather than further their education.  I went the transfer route and school engulfed me as well as my new friends.  Summers still had those ‘lazy days’, but increasing coursework and real life responsibilities took over.  I didn’t have the money to spend on entertainment like I did and eventually it become a rarity (1/3-1/2 the 100+ DVDs and boxsets I own were bought between 14-19).

After graduating college, I spent a year working 3 jobs and taking classes because I was trying to kickstart my career.  The following 5 years would see me in 3 jobs (including my current one).  Working at year round schools, I never had summers off, but I did have 6 weeks off, in total, throughout the year.  Tomorrow presents me with something unfamiliar, however, 2 months off, paid.  I have the freedom to do what I would like.  I could play video games all day, I could pretend to be a teenager again and binge an anime series if I’d like.  It’s extremely rare for me to do it now, as I’m too much of an A-type personality to do that all day unless it includes socializing.

Stil….I think I will.  Sure, I have actual things to do and I’ll be spending most of my summers traveling or visiting loved ones, but a lazy day of gaming and watching TV would be rejuvenating, an escape from the real world.  After all….







June: An Ending and Beginning

June has been streaming along quickly on my end between end of the year duties and the excitement of summer vacation.  Thankfully things are rounding up on the school end of things, though it still feels that there’s a lot to get done by next Tuesday. Once my progress reports get some small edits (most were perfect!) and grades get done, I can focus on cleaning out my classroom.  I’ve already started the process, but I still have a ways to go!

As I make my way through things, I’ve finally gotten the chance to plan out more Summer activities (mostly booking hotels).  Still ironing out the details on two trips and making a list of some day trips to take!


I got to engage in what I consider the starting point of my summer travels this weekend!  I went to an out of state CD release show (metal) with one of my best friends.  Sadly my phone died during the concert, but it was a fun show and I got to chat with some cool people.  Later that morning (!!) I traveled with my cousins to Appomattox. As you can see from the picture, it was a gorgeous day to go!

Stan-Lee.jpg(photo credit goes to

Next weekend is Awesome Con (I’m meeting Stan Lee!!)  at Awesome Con.  I’ve been wanting to go for a few years since its pretty close and I’m finally fulfilling that want.  David Tennant, John Barrowman and others will be there too.  I met Tennant two years ago and I’m tempted to meet Barrowman as well (at the very least, I’ll go to their panels).


(swag from Toomanygames last year)

The following weekend will be spent at Too Many Games.  This will be my third year going to it.  I’m looking forward to playing ‘too many games’, going to some panels of you tubers I follow and interacting with a great community of gamers.

Amongst the fun, exciting things I have planned, I’m looking forward to having some days of quiet and time spent with friends.  This year has easily been the most difficult year of my life due to losing my mother and  I’m looking forward to some much needed rest and happy times ahead.  Hopefully once work ends, I can cast aside the stress, anxiety, sadness and despair the first half of the year has given me.